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Unravelling Joy: The All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival at The Helix, Dublin

April 9th marked a vibrant gathering of minds and talents at The Helix, Dublin, for the much-anticipated All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival. An event that transcended its professional boundaries to celebrate the intertwining of crafts and well-being, it was...

Embarking on Your Knitting and Crochet Journey: From Basics to Bunnies

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting and crochet! If you're just beginning your journey, you're about to embark on a path filled with creativity, relaxation, and the joy of creating beautiful items with your own two hands. This guide will introduce you to the...
The Gauge Square

The Blueprint of Yarn Crafts: The Gauge Square

For both knitters and crocheters, creating a gauge square is the preliminary step that paves the way for a successful project.

Joining a Knitting or Crochet Class

Joining a Knitting or Crochet Class

Joining a knitting or crochet class offers an array of enriching experiences and benefits, crafted to enhance your life in diverse ways. Have a look at 9 amazing reasons why you...

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