From Beginner to Accomplished Knitter in Six Modules

All modules consist of 5 classes and run at your pace. Some knitters in your group will be complete beginners and others will be at a later stage of their knitting learning. Just pick the module block that suits you and I will work to your own learning needs.

Module 1

5 Classes

Class One – Get going straight away – learn cast on, knit stitch, and cast off. Start your toy rabbit.

Class Two- Learn about knitting yarns and needles. Finish your toy rabbit.

Class Three- Learn the purl and stocking stitch.  Start your beautiful washcloth. Understand the difference between stocking stitch and garter stitch.

Class Four – Complete your washcloth. Learn about blocking your knitting for a better finish.

Class Five- Learn how to decrease and increase your stitches for shaping. Get started on your shaped neck scarf.

Module 2

5 Classes

In Module 2, you will learn how to shape your knitting by increasing and decreasing.

Make a shaped neck scarf and a beanie hat. 

You will have the option to use either DK or Aran yarn on different-sized needles. 

Here I will also introduce you to circular needles.

And you will learn how to read a commercial pattern whilst advancing your understanding of your own knitting construction.

Module 3

5 Classes

In Module 3, now you have begun to read a pattern and can increase and decrease.

You will move on to making a pair of mittens, for an adult or a child.

You will make your first garment – a slipover or vest or sleeveless summer top with a choice of sizes and styles.

You will get more practice at reading your knitting and begin to learn how to correct mistakes. Even the greatest expert knitters make mistakes, the skill is to know how to correct them.

Module 4

5 Classes

In Module 4, you will move on to explore knitting on circular needles.

We will consider the pros and cons of circular needles and use them to accommodate larger pieces of work.

You will begin to explore simple lace patterns and start work on a lace pattern triangular shawl. 

We will use stitch markers, stitch and row counting methods, and ‘life lines’ to keep the pattern on track and design a neat edging for your shawl. 

Module 5

5 Classes

In Module 5, you will start planning and casting on your first sweater.

You will have a choice of method and size for this piece of work and can make anything from new baby to large adult size, jumper, or cardigan.

The techniques and skills are the same no matter what the size.

Some people prefer to make a cot blanket at this stage.

Either way, there will be support for whatever inspires you.

Module 6

5 Classes

In Module 6, we will introduce the skill of knitting cables,

This produces an impressive piece of work but is actually easy to learn and straightforward to knit once you know the basics. 

You will be able to choose from several different useful pieces to apply a cable pattern.

You can choose to make a headband, a hat, a purse, or a spectacle case. 

Or something else of your choice!

Purchase the whole package today for the best value. Six modules, and 30 lessons over a year, take you from beginner to accomplished knitter for just £420, saving you £30.

Support will be available to class members throughout the program, and in an optional WhatsApp group to practice at your own pace.

Ready to start a knitting project?