From Nursery to Needles: My Journey to Becoming a Knitting Coach – Part One

Apr 29, 2024

From Nursery to Needles My Journey to Becoming a Knitting Coach Part One

Part 1: Foundations of Fiber and Care

A Stitch in Time: Early Beginnings

From the tender age of four, I was captivated by the rhythmic dance of needles in my mother’s hands, a movement that seemed almost magical. Despite her initial reluctance, claiming a lack of patience to teach me, my persistent requests—or perhaps ‘nags’—finally paid off. She cast on a few stitches for me and handed me the needles.

Although my early attempts were less than perfect, leading her to dismiss them as ‘rubbish,’ this did not deter me. Instead, it fueled a fierce determination to master the craft, setting the stage for a lifelong passion that would one day blossom into a thriving business. This dedication to knitting became my refuge and a profound lesson in resilience, helping me navigate through a challenging childhood.

Amanda and mum

Cradle of Care: Becoming a Nursery Nurse

By the age of eight, my fascination had expanded beyond the yarns and hooks to a profound love for children. Caring for my three younger siblings, I found joy in their innocence and the genuine compliments they garnered for their cuteness—compliments that eluded me but filled me with pride for them. This affection naturally evolved into a vocational calling.

Through persistence that mirrored my approach to knitting, I embarked on a journey to become a Nursery Nurse. The nurturing skills I honed during this time were not just about childcare; they were about weaving a tapestry of comfort and love, much like the patterns I followed in my knitting projects.

The Pivotal Thread: A Transition to Midwifery

My path took a more defined shape during my training as a Nursery Nurse. A missed opportunity to visit a maternity unit due to illness left me with a lingering sense of disappointment and curiosity. This incident propelled me to seek employment in a hospital after my course, where I discovered my true calling in midwifery. Embracing this role allowed me to engage more holistically with both mother and child, offering a continuum of care that resonated deeply with my core values. Throughout this time, my knitting was a constant companion, serving as both a personal solace and a means to bring joy to others.

Knitting in the Wards: Blending Craft with Care

Knitted baby bonnets

As a midwife, I often knitted small items for newborns, integrating my craft into my professional life. This not only brought warmth and comfort to the babies but also allowed me to share my skills with colleagues and encourage them to take up the needles for a similar purpose. Although crochet was less popular at the time, my foundational skills, taught by my grandmother when I was sixteen, remained with me, quietly waiting for their time to shine.

Teaching: The Confluence of Passions

Teaching felt as natural to me as breathing. Initially envisioned as a career in nursery or infant education, my trajectory shifted but the essence remained. As a midwifery teacher, I delighted in mentoring colleagues and students alike, always eager to pass on knowledge and wisdom. Knitting, however, remained somewhat in the shadows during my professional years, often dismissed as an outdated pastime unfit for modern educational or professional settings.

A Tapestry Unfolds: Embracing Knitting and Crochet Full-Time

The global upheaval brought by the pandemic in 2020 created an unexpected opportunity. As people turned to crafting during lockdowns, the world of knitting and crochet experienced a resurgence. Seizing this moment, I combined my extensive knowledge and teaching skills to launch knitting classes with the support of a local charity. By the summer of 2023, crochet had also surged in popularity, and I embraced it fully, rounding out my offerings and cementing my status as not just a knitting coach, but a craft coach.

In the next post, I’ll delve deeper into how I honed my skills and began to share them more broadly, transforming my passions into a community and a calling.

My Knitter’s Ode

In yarns spun from early pleas and stitches dropped in trials,
A child’s fingers fumbled, weaving paths through textile miles.
From nursery floors to birthing rooms, where life and love entwine,
My needles clacked along the wards, where threads of fate align.

In every stitch, a lesson learned; in every row, a tale,
Of tiny hats for newborn heads, and dreams that sail like gale.
For knitting is not just craft, but life’s soft metaphor,
Each piece a patch in the quilt that guards us.


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