From Nursery to Needles: Part 2: Stitching Success in Midwifery and Beyond

Jun 7, 2024

From Nursery to Needles Part Two

Part 2: Stitching Success in Midwifery and Beyond

Here’s the second instalment of my blog series, “From Nursery to Needles.” This section captures a journey from a well-regarded figure in midwifery to a champion of knitting and crochet for wellbeing, with reflection on the past year’s achievements.

Celebrating Craft and Care at the Maternity and Midwifery Festivals

At a Maternity and Midwifery Festival

My journey as a knitting coach and midwifery expert took an exhilarating turn with an invitation to participate in the Maternity and Midwifery Festivals. Beginning with the Northern Festival in Manchester in 2023, this series has not only broadened my professional network but also allowed me to merge my dual passions: midwifery and textile crafts.

As I prepare for the upcoming Manchester 2024 festival, I reflect on the fun and excitement these events have brought into my life.

The opportunity to present at the London festival in February 2024 was a highlight of my year. It provided a platform to discuss the integration of knitting into midwifery practice, promoting a more holistic approach to childbirth and maternal care.

My presentation explored how knitting could serve as a natural relaxant, potentially reducing the reliance on medical interventions like syntocinon during labour.

Social Media Recognition and Expanding Influence

The response to my festival involvement has been overwhelmingly positive, with significant acknowledgment from peers and thought leaders in the field. A beautiful mention by the eminent Michelle Odent on Facebook highlighted the potential of knitting as a tool for normalising birth practices. Such endorsements have reinforced the value of my work and motivated me to expand my reach further.

New Venues and Wider Dissemination

Drop in poster

Moving my local classes to the more prestigious Halton Tennis Centre was a strategic decision aimed at accommodating a growing interest in crafting for wellbeing.

This new location has enabled me to reach a broader audience, ensuring that more people can experience the benefits of knitting and crochet.

In addition to the classes at the Tennis Centre, we now have a crochet drop-in session at the Library Bar in Aylesbury. Held on the first Saturday of every month, these sessions provide a casual, welcoming space for craft enthusiasts to gather, learn, and share their skills. Whilst promoting the hardware and introducing new customers.

Plans for Growth and Education

Looking ahead, I am excited about the prospect of making the Missenden Abbey retreats a monthly event. These retreats offer a peaceful, inspiring environment for deepening practice and fostering community among knitting and crochet learners and skilled practitioners.

The development of online courses that blend the flexibility of digital learning with optional face-to-face workshops is my next venture. A hybrid model that aims to cater to diverse learning preferences and schedules, making the therapeutic benefits of knitting and crochet accessible to all. Whilst removing the challenges of getting you new skill started.

Missenden Abbey

As I weald my needles and hooks for another vibrant year, I continue to weave together the colourful strands of midwifery and craft.

Each festival, class, and retreat knits a broader community, stitching a fabric of shared knowledge and serene moments.

Join me as we unravel the cosy connections between crafting and care, and discover how each loop and knot ties us to the timeless art of making not just items, but also making a difference.

Stay tuned for the tales of transformation that have emerged from this intertwining of passions—where threads of yarn and bonds of human spirit meet to create something truly magical.

Scholarly Pursuits and Publishing Plans

An integral part of my mission to promote knitting and crochet for wellbeing involves a rigorous academic approach. I am currently conducting a literature review to compile and analyse existing research on the subject. This scholarly work will support my advocacy by providing evidence-based benefits of crafting on mental and physical health.

Additionally, I plan to author a series of instructional books titled “Learn to Knit” and “Learn to Crochet.” These publications will serve as comprehensive guides for beginners, encapsulating decades of experience and insights as I document easy-to-follow knitting and crochet programs.

As I thread my needles for another vibrant year, I’m weaving together the colourful strands of midwifery and craft.

Each festival, class, and retreat knits a broader community, stitching a fabric of shared knowledge and serene moments.

In part 3 of this blog I will introduce Marvellous Magic Bunny, who has helped so many to learn to knit, in just two, 2 hour lessons.

With the opportunity for you to get your hands on his simple but highly rewarding pattern.

Well done Magic Bunny.

Magic Bunny


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