Unravelling Joy: The All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival at The Helix, Dublin

Apr 15, 2024

Unravelling Joy The All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival at The Helix, Dublin

April 9th marked a vibrant gathering of minds and talents at The Helix, Dublin, for the much-anticipated All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival. An event that transcended its professional boundaries to celebrate the intertwining of crafts and well-being, it was a day filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of creating with one’s own hands.

The festival was a testament to the enthusiasm and passion of the participants, who came with enthusiasm, to not only enhance their professional skills but to dive deep into the therapeutic world of knitting and crochet. The craft sessions, aimed at enriching the well-being of both the practitioners and their clients, became the highlight, drawing participants eager to explore the rediscovered, calming benefits of these age-old hobbies.

Knitting and crochet, often hailed for their meditative qualities, were embraced by the attendees as more than just hobbies. They were tools for mindfulness, stress reduction, and a way to foster a sense of community and connection among midwives and maternity care professionals. The hands-on sessions were not only about learning the basic stitches but also about understanding how these crafts can be woven into our daily lives to enhance mental health and well-being.

Magic bunny
Magic bunny

The festival provided a unique platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, with seasoned crafters among the participants leading workshops and inspiring discussions. These sessions underscored the versatility of knitting and crochet, showcasing projects from simple scarves and the wonderful magic bunnies, to complex garments, and therapeutic activities designed specifically for stress relief and mindfulness.

In these workshops, the rhythmic nature of knitting and crocheting was highlighted as a form of mental relaxation, akin to meditation. Participants shared stories of how these crafts had become an integral part of their self-care routines, helping them unwind after long shifts and maintain a balance in their busy lives. The sense of accomplishment from completing a project, no matter how small, was also discussed as a boost to one’s self-esteem and a tangible outcome of mindful practice.

Community Crafting

Beyond the individual benefits, the festival illuminated the communal aspect of crafting. In a profession that is as demanding as maternity and midwifery, finding common ground in the simple act of creating can forge strong bonds among colleagues. The shared experiences of learning new stitches, fixing mistakes, and celebrating completed projects cultivated a sense of belonging and support that extended beyond the professional realm into personal friendships.

One of the festival’s most awaited announcements was the opportunity for continued engagement and learning through future events. Participants left with invitations to knit and crochet gatherings in Dublin, Belfast, and Liverpool, and the buzz of excitement for the special Learn to Knit or Crochet Weekend at Missenden Abbey in October 2024 was palpable. This event promises to be a sanctuary for creativity, relaxation, and learning, set against the backdrop of the serene and historic Abbey.

The festival provided great opportunity for networking and professional discussion, as well as a welcome day out in a the beautiful, open setting of The Helix, part of the iconic capital city of Ireland.

However, the skills acquired during the event didn’t end as the day concluded. There was a commitment to nurture the developing interest of attendees in knitting and crochet. The promise to share resources and guides for beginners marked an extension of the festival’s spirit beyond the confines of The Helix. Comprehensive guides on starting crochet, mastering the initial steps of casting on for knitting, and perfecting the knit stitch are poised to be distributed. This ensures the initial spark of creativity and passion ignited within the halls of The Helix will continue to thrive and illuminate the paths of attendees in their own homes and communities.

Reflecting on the festival, it’s clear that the day was about much more than just maternity and midwifery. It was a celebration of community, learning, and the joy of crafting. The excitement and positive feedback from the participants underscore the significant role such events play in not just professional development but in enhancing personal well-being through creativity and craft.

The All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival at The Helix was a reminder of the beauty in coming together to share skills, stories, and a few stitches. The connections made, the skills learned, and the laughter shared will undoubtedly ripple through the lives of the participants and those they care for, weaving a tapestry of well-being through the threads of kindness and creativity.

Magic bunny

As we look forward to future events and gatherings, the essence of the festival remains clear: in the rhythm of our needles and hooks, there is peace, and in our community, there is strength. Here’s to carrying forward the joy and camaraderie of The Helix into every stitch we make and every life we touch.

Through these expanded discussions and insights, the festival not only celebrated the craft but also its profound impact on personal and communal well-being, making the All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Festival a beacon for creativity, connection, and care in the healthcare community.


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